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Wednesday, January 4, 2023 5:40:03 PM 2023 Winter League Game Guidelines GAME TIME Games consist of two, 18-minute periods. The clock is stopped on timeouts and while shooting free throws. The clock will also stop the last TWO MINUTES of the 2nd half (only if the game is within 15 points). Teams will be given THREE minutes for half time. OVERTIME First overtime is ONE MINUTE, regular game rules. NO additional timeouts are given for overtime. Any remaining timeouts from regulation can be used. If 2OT is reached, it is sudden death (first team to score ONE point). TIMEOUTS Each team has THREE - 30 second timeouts per game. No additional timeouts are awarded during overtime. FREE THROWS Regular NFHS (high school) rules will be used to administer free throws. On the 7th team foul of each period, players are awarded 1 and 1 free throws. On the 10th team foul of each period, players are awarded two free throws. Shooting fouls are enforced normally. FOULS WILL RESET AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH HALF. PERSONAL & TECHNICAL FOULS Players will FOUL OUT after 5th personal foul. Regular NFHS (high school) rules will be used to administer technical fouls. If a coach receives a technical foul they must sit on the bench the remainder of the game, NO EXCEPTIONS! If a player or coach receives a second technical foul they will be automatically ejected and have to meet with the league director before any future participation is allowed. BALL SIZE All girls games will use a 28.5” (size 6) ball along with 5th & 6th grade boys. 7th & 8th boys will use a 29.5” (size 7) ball. UNIFORMS Players MUST wear a jersey with numbers and please NO DUPLICATE numbers! The top team listed on the schedule will be the HOME team and wear their LIGHT color. A player can play on more than one team, but ONLY if those teams are in different age divisions and they can only play up. Players playing on more than one team in the same age division, no matter what bracket each team is in, is prohibited. Any team/player breaking this rule may have all games played in forfeited. SPORTSMANSHIP AMONG PLAYERS, COACHES, FANS AND OFFICIALS WILL BE A TOP PRIORITY! WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ANY FAN, PLAYER, OFFICIAL OR COACH FROM THE FACILITY FOR ANY UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR!!! IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!
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